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Football Betting Strategies You Should Know

The Strategies of Football Betting Part 1 – European Dynamic Markets


Before beginning to talk about football betting strategies, we should know what is dynamic markets (Dynamic Handicap). A dynamic handicap is a constantly changing odds, and there are too many factors that cause changes in the handicap.

Of course, everyone can judge the reason for the change, and the handicap can also be true or false.


The key is the orientation of the dealer at the opening of the market and the views of the bettors because these factors will affect the changes in the market.

The dealer will make handicap adjustments and odds changes according to the strength and ranking of your betting teams so that you can make corresponding changes to achieve your desired goals.

Usually, the change of the market is always inseparable from the betting code. When the dealer has not received the expected amount or when it receives it, it will increase or decrease the market to obtain greater profits.

For example, Brazil (Home) vs. China (Away) handicap is one goal (HDP Home 1.0). At this time, there is no need to think that Brazil will become a big hit.

With your bets, Brazil’s handicap may rise to two goals or higher. At the turntable time, the dealer is the time to make money. Normally, the result should be 1-0 or 2-0 so that the dealer can make money. And also, the team can win too. So that football betting strategy is particularly important.

But in a game, there are too many unknown factors off the court. We are just here to give you some tips on handicap knowledge.

Because this judgment strategy can only achieve the expected results after a long time of experience accumulation, so everyone must prepare accordingly before betting, such as the preparation in the odds calculation method mentioned on this site.

Several wrong football betting strategies

There are three football betting strategies we often make mistakes, list on below:

Blind betting strategy

Because of one or two unexpected results, the basic theory of “football is round” is denied, and the word “fixing the ball” must be mentioned. It is a partial generalization, and the grass and trees are all soldiers, causing panic.

To Guard a Tree-Stump Waiting For Rabbits Football Betting strategy

Summarize the laws from accidents, and use this to guide practice, in exchange for temporary pride in exchange for lifelong confusion.

Cutting a Mark On the Boat to Find The Sword Football Betting strategy

Excessively exaggerating the past performance, looking at the problem with a static eye, ignoring the changes in objective reality, and walking into a dead-end of metaphysics.

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