NBA Prediction – Clippers vs Jazz

Clippers vs Jazz
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At 11:00 GMT +8 on February 18, 2021, in the 2020-2021 season, the US professional basketball team will play the Los Angeles Clippers against the Utah Jazz. Who can lead the victory of this game? Let’s look forward to the passionate collision of this game.

Fundamental Analysis The Match Clippers vs Jazz


Los Angeles Clippers are currently 21-8, ranking third in the Western Conference. Leonard and Paul George, the two core players in charge of the team, have played steadily this season. Although the team’s record is still good, the biggest difficulty the team is facing is the injury problem. Paul George has missed six games because of the edema of his right toe, while the other one is the core player Heart Leonard today’s battle is listed as a doubt, but the recent team’s performance is good enough to achieve a wave of four wins in a row, the last two games in the absence of dual-core still can win the Cavaliers and heat two Eastern teams, this game at home against the threatening jazz, the team can continue to create surprises.



Utah Jazz is currently 23-5, ranking first in the Western Conference and the best in the league. Jazz is the fourth in the league with 115.7 points per game and the third in the league with 106.3 points per game. It can be seen that jazz is a team with good attack and defence, so the team also played the most amazing performance in the league. Since the Jazz lost to nuggets in the away game, they have won a wave of eight games in a row. Conley, one of the team’s back-court double cores, has been listed as a doubtful match. After four home games in a row, the team went to Los Angeles to fight against the Clippers, who had a good performance recently. The team will go all out to attack the ninth consecutive win.


Data Analysis:

The Asian data of this game gives 226.5 points. At present, there is no relevant data in the lottery. The theoretical data should be 223.5 points. There is a high open phenomenon in the data aspect. Using the recent big points performance of the two teams to attract big points obviously has the tendency of big points induction. The continuous increase of the follow-up data further increases the heat of big points, while the Jazz away game will not Too much emphasis on attack, and the Jazz will not play with the Clippers offensive war, certainly defensive as the keynote to limit opponents, optimistic about the two teams play defensive war, small points should be worth choosing.

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