Friday, December 4, 2020
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Everton vs Newcastle
Premier League: Everton vs Newcastle United Kick-off time: 3:30 on Wednesday, 2020-01-22   Game Analysis: The 24th round of the Premier League officially Everton vs Newcastle United started in the early morning of Wednesday. Everton's performance has picked up after being coached by coach Ancelotti. In the last 10 games, Everton has achieved 4-4-2 results, including 2 defeats, which were respectively lost by...
EPL Fixtures 2019 Liverpool vs Everton
Liverpool vs Everton English Premier League Game Time: 2019-12-05 04:15 AM GMT +8   December 5th at 04:15 GMT+8, English Premier League / EPL Fixtures 2019-2020 started in the 15th round, Liverpool plays host to against Everton.   Fundamental Analysis: Liverpool 1. Liverpool is the Premier League's top teams. Liverpool has been ranked in the top four in the last three seasons. The team won the second place in...