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Inter Milan vs Barcelona UEFA Champions League 2019 - 2020 2019-12-11 04:00 AM (GMT +8)   Match Analysis In the UEFA Champions League group finals, Barcelona defeated Dortmund to take the lead from the dead group and have already locked the top spot. In the final round, Dortmund and Inter Milan competed for a qualifying spot. Due to the two rounds of confrontation, Inter...
UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 Slavia Praha VS Inter Milan
The fifth round of Group F of the UEFA Champions League would be starting on early morning 04:00 GMT+8 at 28 November 2019, with Slavia Praha at home against Inter Milan. For both teams eager to qualify, this game is indispensable, and another fierce battle is bound to appear. Fundamental Interpretation Slavia Praha as a Czech team and three major league...