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19/20 European Champions Cup quarter-finals-PSG 2-1 Atlanta


The quarter-finals of the Champions League started in Lisbon. There is no home or away game. The way to determine the victory or defeat is adopted. Paris ranked 433, but the main players Mbappe and Di Maria were injured and did not play. Paris was discharged on the front line. It’s Neymar, Icardi, Sarabia, but Atlanta’s 361, the striker let Zapata go to the attack, behind Gomez,

At the beginning of the game, you can see the stability of Atlanta and the hurried hands of Paris. The two teams have accumulated different fighting experience during this period. The Ligue 1 has already cancelled the season, while the Serie A side has finished the season in the rematch, and Atlanta has also won In the third place in the Italian League, it is obvious that Atlanta is well prepared. It is not as aggressive as before, but is consuming Paris with evidence, and it tries to attack the Paris defense line appropriately.


Only a few minutes after the start of the game, Atlanta had Gomez into the penalty area to shoot, and Paris had a better chance. Neymar received a direct pass from his teammate at 2:30 and drove into the penalty area to face the goalkeeper. But he missed it completely. This is a couple of sessions that should be driven first. Neymar’s miss has already told everyone that he is not in good shape tonight.

Although Paris allowed Icardi to play center, he was completely restrained by Atlanta’s central defenders. Caldara never left Icardi. Especially after Atlanta confirmed that Neymar’s shooting accuracy was not good, they evenly distributed the guards and defended, and he was not engaged by Neymar. In chaos, Atlanta suddenly showed the style of an Italian team, allowing opponents to attack from outside the penalty area, but they would blockade the moment they entered the penalty area, and effectively blocked the shooting angle.

Paris’s Icardi and Sarabia are in a bad state. If Neymar forgets to bring shooting shoes, he can at least take the ball and pass. However, Icardi and Sarabia have not been able to run away. Sarabia has never made a shot. Pass threat

At 25 minutes of the game, Atlanta actually broke the Paris goal first. Central defender Toloi passed to Zapata in the middle. Zapata then crossed to Freuler, who was on the back. Freuler wanted to make another cross to make Zapata cross the offside line to form a single pole. But Zapata missed the ball, and the ball rolled in front of Pasalic, who was on the other side. He didn’t hesitate to kick the ball at the first time and directly pulled out the arc to break the far post.

Kimpembe, who was supposed to be in position at this time, has already ran out to block Zapata and the position is vacated. Although Kimpembe has played for France in the 2018 World Cup, he only played once as a substitute, and in fact he did not perform well. The sense of position or interception or confrontation is far from reaching world-class. The Paris defense is tantamount to relying on T. Silva and goalkeeper Navas.

After Atlanta took the lead, they became like a steady old ball. The Italian team often became like this in a single game of victory and defeat, and the worst thing is that after playing the entire first half, you slowly pay attention. At this point, Atlanta seems to have no intention of relying on sports to attack, because their performance in set kicks is quite terrifying. In the first half, Atlanta almost hit the center and hit the goal on almost every set kick. Although the ball is not fast, Navas can catch it. , But it is very terrible for Atlanta to score goals in every set-kick confrontation. These offenses made Paris hurriedly, coupled with Atlanta’s timely pressure from the players, and then Paris’s ball could not be passed at all, even through In the mid-line, the whole position has been broken, and in the end, Neymar can only rely on a hard punch

Neymar grabbed a good opportunity to get into the penalty area in 41 minutes, but his shot was still wide

Paris was forced to replace Mbappe, who had not healed from his injury, in the 60th minute. He charged very aggressively after he came on the field. The situation in Paris improved slightly. After that, Paris continued to send Draxler and Parades. Atlanta gradually came under pressure, but their countermeasures were to improve. The intensity of the foul, from the constant harassment of Neymar’s possession of the ball in the first half to the direct knocking of Mbappe in the second half, is actually quite effective. The referees in this game are relatively loose in the judgement, so Atlanta’s foul tactics do affect Paris.

Paris attacked until 80 minutes without scoring a goal. At this time, Atlanta planned to hold a point. With almost all the defensive groups already receiving yellow cards, Atlanta gradually replaced defensive players to strengthen the defense. The main goalkeeper Gomez was 59 The injury was replaced and Zapata was replaced at 82 points. The end of the two men represented two key moments. In fact, Atlanta’s offensive has slowed significantly since Gomez’s exit, and then became Paris’s initiative in the second half, although not The performance of Zapata, who was very impactful, came off the field, allowing Paris’s center back and midfielder to unlock the defense and attack the Atlanta line. This is the final key to victory.

At 89 minutes of the second half, before the end of the game, Paris once again attacked the Atlanta penalty area. The substitute Choupo-Moting made a right pass. Neymar wanted to turn around and shoot directly after removing the air ball from the penalty area, but the ball hit the Atlanta defender. Rolling to the center, Marquinhos, who was inserted in the midfielder, stabbed in the center, and also hit Caldara’s leg to make a goal. Neymar’s stop was really beautiful, and his technique still worked at the last moment.

After Paris tied the game, I originally thought it would enter the extended game. I didn’t expect a shocking ending after 3 minutes. In stoppage time entering 2 minutes, after Paris’ counterattack was blocked by Atlanta, the rear full back Kehrer ran into the center 23 yards. Divide the ball directly to the left. Neymar took the ball from the penalty area line and turned and sent it directly to Mbappe. Mbappe crossed into the small penalty area on the left, allowing Choupo-Moting in the center to shoot directly from the 6-yard line. Overtaking, Paris reversed and eliminated Atlanta at the last minute

This ball is because Neymar and Mbappe are both on the left at the same time to tear the Atlanta defense line. Otherwise, it would be difficult to completely break through the defense line if they play on each side. Atalanta’s right center back Toloi has been under attack since Mbappe came on the court. It’s not defensive. The main reason is that both Gomez and Zapata in the frontcourt are off, allowing Paris to keep attacking after liberation. In the end Toloi was overwhelmed. Atalanta is actually a pity. On the whole, they played better than Paris, if not Gomez exited so early to put too much pressure on the defense, Atlanta is likely to be able to win the second half after running out of time

This magical reversal in Paris can be said to be amazing. It will probably be the latest goal reversal in this UEFA Champions League knockout. This is also the first time that Paris has broken into the semi-finals of the Champions League in 25 years. Although it has reached the semi-finals, Paris’s current injuries and status, I think It is difficult to go far, and Paris goalkeeper Navas was also injured in the second half, and eventually he could not support and was replaced. This is also a big worry for the future.

The opponent of the next semi-finals is likely to be Atletico, and now it can be said that Atletico Madrid is the top defensive in Europe. It will be a conflict of contradictions against Paris.

In fact, the most injured in the Paris team was coach Tuchel. He sprained an ankle and fractured his ankle during training. As a result, he could only sit on the ice bucket in the coaching area and command the game.

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