19/20 UEFA Champions League Tottenham 0-1 Leipzig Red Bull

19/20 UEFA Champions League Tottenham 0-1 Leipzig Red Bull

19/20 UEFA Champions League semi finals Tottenham 0-1 Leipzig Red Bull still suspenseful

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Asian ball king Sun Xinghuan, because of a shoulder fracture during the Premier League match last week, was confirmed to be absent after the operation, and is likely to be reimbursed for the entire season. In addition, Harry Kane also ended the season with an injury. Now Spurs are already full of injuries, and Only LucasMoura left in the striker, which made Mourinho one head and two big.

The match started

In this game, Spurs discharged 4231. Mourinho pushed Alli to the front line and wanted to fight against the wing with a few people’s wings. This was a last resort. In the face of the Red Bull with a strong attack, Mu Shuai Can’t withdraw the defense, especially now that Tottenham midfielder Sissoko is also sidelined due to injury. Winks and LoCelso alone will be dangerous to defend the Red Bull. Mu Shuai intends to hit the two wings with a pass and let Aurier and LoCelso on the right. Cooperate and let LucasMoura and Alli grab points by their passing.


Red Bull put 343 on it, or still want to use the impact of Werner, Nkunku, Schick and others to attack the Spurs defense line.


After the game, Tottenham was suppressed immediately. The first minute of the opening was actually the climax of the game. The Red Bull attacked the Tottenham penalty area and launched 4 high-speed shots in the first minute. The Red Bull left-back Angelino rushed to the left 6 The volley near the yard almost wore Lloris’ crotch, and hit his calf to shoot in the door. Fortunately, he hit the post and followed Werner to get a shot next to the right post. Then Lloris blocked it, and the center defender Sanchez also blocked it. A 8-yard field goal in front of Werner’s penalty area.

If this wave of offensive is not survived, Tottenham will lose very badly in this game. After blocking the Red Bull’s opening offensive, Tottenham try to hit the two wings of the pass as far as possible to counterattack, Red Bull steals in the middle. Very fierce, but in order to play a continuous high-speed offensive, their two full-backs will be relatively forward. Mourinho saw this and wanted Bergwijn and LoCelso to cut to the Red Bull sides in the middle distance to try to invade.

As a result, in the 7th minute, a direct pass from LoCelso allowed Bergwijn to run a chance on the left, but Alli at the back post failed to grasp it.

LoCelso performed very well in this game. Not only did he have many high-speed passes to pull out the space, but also allowed his teammates to respond. He was also responsible for taking a few beautiful corner kicks and setting balls. The other is Sanchez. The Spurs were not beaten by Sanchez’s key obstacle. Tottenham is to let Sanchez act as a free-standing center defender. If the Red Bull has a forward to enter the shooting position, Sanchez will immediately pass by and he will not let the opponent turn. If the opponent wants When doing a close shot, Sanchez will chase out the damage directly. His target is mainly Red Bull forward Schick, which makes Schick not have many opportunities and makes it difficult to make a ball.

But Mourinho’s move is of course gambling. Tottenham’s right-back Aurier is not very good. Once Sanchez next to him leaves the position slightly, Tottenham’s right will often be empty, so Red Bull has been attacking constantly. Here, Angelino, the left-back, has been attacking. Werner also ran the road to answer the ball. It did form multiple goals. At least Lloris blocked it, and Sanchez basically made no mistakes. Tottenham also let the two The back waist has always retreated at the forefront of the penalty zone, compressing the space of Red Bull, and finally proved that this tactic is still correct, otherwise Spurs would have been hit by Red Bull.

Basically, the whole game was Red Bull pressing Tottenham, but Tottenham actually also had a few good counterattacks. Only Alli and LucasMoura failed to grasp it. LucasMoura can take away the Red Bull main guard every time. At least one person, either Halstenberg or Ampadu, so Alli has a chance to break the door almost every time, but he is not sure of it, and his condition this year is also very bad.

Midfield of the match

At 61 minutes in the second half, Tottenham finally made mistakes under constant pressure. Left-back Davies plugged in to cross the Red Bull at three points on the right side, and finally extended his leg and turned Laimer for 12 yards. Werner fought Penalty.

At this point Mourinho finally couldn’t help it. He replaced the two in a single breath in 64 minutes and replaced Gedson and Alli with Ndombele and Lamela. The two played half of the game and did not work at all, and Gedson was supposed to fight back. Zhong is responsible for running the ball back and forth, but he is pressed and pressed most of the time.

The situation changed after Ndombele and Lamela came on the court. The two were very fierce, especially Lamela was very fierce, and the kick was quick and fast. As a result, the Red Bull middle began to be confused, and the team’s physical fitness was obviously adjusted very well. Has been fighting hard, after which Red Bull’s Nkunku’s performance was greatly affected.

In addition, after the two men came on the court, the steals of the back and front were strengthened. Although Tottenham still had a short run on the right side, the threat of Red Bull’s left offensive has been reduced to a certain extent. Mourinho directly let the midfielder. Forming a crazy melee, this gave LoCelso in a good condition. He appeared more free in the second half and threatened several times. The Spurs finally recovered in the midfield after the middle of the second half.

Red Bull also replaced Haidara, Poulsen, and Forsberg, and removed Nkunku, Schick, and Laimer. However, it can be seen here that the coaching skills are poor. Red Bull’s substitutions obviously have no effect. They just replaced the physically weak Nkunku and Laimer and poor Schick, but Poulsen came to no avail. Forsberg was the main midfielder. After coming up, he was trapped in Tottenham’s midfield meat grinder and showed little performance.

In fact, Red Bull should continue to strengthen the wing offensive. It is necessary to force Ndombele and Lamela to leave the position, and also to force Aurier back to the right back. The substitution of Red Bull only strengthened the attack power of the middle but did not make good use of the wing. In fact, it feels hot. The right side of the thorn is about to collapse, but Red Bull seems to be worried that the left side of the same side is also being attacked by Tottenham, so I want to stabilize this side. This decision cannot explain the wisdom.

Under Tottenham’s frantic fight, some advantages were recovered in the second half of the second half, and Red Bull was almost exhausted at this time. At the last moment, several people on the Red Bull side suffered minor injuries. The central defender Ampadu did not know whether it was injured or not at the last moment. Foot cramps, but they have run out of substitutions, he had to finish the game, so Tottenham can pass this stage.


In the end Tottenham lost to Red Bull 0-1, but looking at this scene, Red Bull launched so many high speeds and failed to score the goal. Finally, it was 12 yards from Spurs foul, Muri Neo’s defensive skills are indeed very strong. Although he has almost no ace forwards in his hands, with only the remaining chips, the defense is still doing well.

In contrast, Red Bull, not only failed to grasp the opportunity, but although Launched multiple shots, but the ability to grab points in front of the penalty area was obviously insufficient. It is more inclined to see and shoot in the large penalty area. This situation seems to be expected by Mourinho. Lloris can block the big as long as he does not make mistakes. In part, Red Bull’s substitutions can be said to be completely defeated by Tottenham.

In the end, they let Spurs control the situation in the second half of the second half, and their own physical exhaustion and injuries. These small details are actually very dangerous. Because in the eyes of a coach who is good at using strategies, these parts of Red Bull seem too simple, and these details are actually enough to cause the game to reverse.

Although Red Bull scored an away goal and the second round at home was extremely unfavorable for Tottenham without an ace attacker, but Mourinho is a coach who can play such a bad battle. This game also It can be seen that Spurs are as good as last year. It is difficult to say the outcome of the second round, but Red Bull may be consumed by Spurs a lot. And if they continue this simple play, even if they beat Spurs to enter the quarterfinals, the future is actually worrying.

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