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Brazil Footballer: Pele Story

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Pele was born in Tres Coracoes in Minas Gerais, a small city in the north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As early as the Portuguese colonial era, he was known for its rich mineral deposits (especially gold mines). However, the Pele family was financially struggling and had something to do with gold mines. No copies. Pele was a dark and scrawny baby when he was born. His father looked at his leg and said with satisfaction: My son will be an excellent football player! But his mother was not happy about this prediction. After all, her husband, Pele’s father, is a football player who is eager to live by playing football and become famous. He is very skilled (Dondinho once played in a game). Scored 5 goals, a record that even Pele couldn’t surpass), but because of a knee injury, he had to become a journeyman. In the end, he was even forced to quit the football world, doing work with meager income, leaving the family in a long-term economically unstable state. in. Pele’s family wandered between different towns. They moved wherever his father played. It’s no wonder Celeste hopes that his sons will not become football players, because they can’t make money and it’s not a decent job!

In 1944, Dondinho was invited to test by the football team of Bauru, a city in the northwest of Sao Paulo. Pele’s father was very happy, and his mother was also very happy because this invitation included a job position in the local government in addition to football. It can give the Pele family a certain degree of financial security. To Pele, the city of Bauru is like the center of the world. It is much larger than any place he has lived in.

It has shops, cinemas, hotels, etc. It is also a transportation fortress in the interior states of Brazil. And it is in this place that Pele cultivated his love of football, of course, his father played a very important role in it because whenever Pele and his son get together, most of the time they are practicing. To learn the basic skills of football, his father taught him to head the ball (Dondinho hangs the football on the branch and makes Pele use his head for several hours, and reveals that if he wants to practice his head, the secret is to keep his eyes open when heading the ball. Open!), and also teach him to control the ball (the ball should be as close to the body as possible when the ball is in control, no matter what the action is, both feet must be as good), Pele has to learn to turn the ball into an extension of the body. Pele also likes to watch his father play at BAC (a football club in Bauru). From there, he learned not only skills, but also the ability to integrate into the game as quickly as possible, and even look at the overall situation. Dondinho is a typical No. 9. The forward is similar to the superstars of the Brazilian national team such as Romario and Ronaldo in the future, but Pele prefers to be positioned further back. No. 10, the attacking midfielder means more (but no matter which position, Pele has played in his career. Amazing 1283 goals).

As mentioned earlier, Pele’s mother feels that playing football is a dead end and a road to poverty. She hopes that her son can study hard at school. If she sees Pele playing football, she will scold him without exception. But gradually, Celeste also discovered that such blocking was only futile, so as time went on, when she found that Pele and his son were practicing in the courtyard again, she could only sigh with her arms on her hips, as if resigned to her husband. That’s great, your eldest son has pulled in again! In the future, when he has no food to eat, don’t complain to me and regret that you didn’t let him study medicine or law! When his father heard this, he just smiled and replied: Don’t worry, Celeste, when he gets his left foot practiced, he won’t have to worry about anything…

When Pele first started playing, he never thought about entering the Brazilian national team or even winning the World Cup. On the contrary, he always told his friends that one day he would play like his father. Well, even though Dondinho’s football career was actually not going well. And once, just as Pele’s football team composed of neighbors was so powerful that it opened up a double-digit scoring gap with the opponent, Pele played a lot of tricks, even laughed wildly, broke through the opponent’s unlucky defender and scored the goal. His father saw this scene. After dinner, he asked his son to have a private conversation. Today I passed by where you played football with a friend. I saw you, his father said.

Just when Pele was full of anger and thought that his father would praise his excellent performance, Dondinho went on to say: I am very angry because I saw you mocking other children, you should respect them. God didn’t give other children the same talents, so what? You have no right to be superior. You are just a child, nothing. One day, when you have achieved something, it will not be too late to celebrate. But even then, you have to be humble!



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