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Chinese Famous Football Player – Hao Haidong

Chinese Famous Football Player Hao Haidong issued a declaration overthrowing the Communist Party-Hao Haidong in my heart forever


This declaration is political and declares war directly with the current Chinese Communist regime. It was jointly planned by Hao Haidong, Chinese wealthy overseas merchant Guo Wengui, and former chief counselor Bannon of the White House in the United States. Since the atrocities, and called on the people to overthrow the CCP, at the same time propose the new Chinese Federation’s national system structure, and form a Himalayan supervisory body to oversee the establishment and democratization of the new Chinese Federation

Chinese Famous Football Player – Hao Haidong’s declaration of founding the nation even included the future outline and constitution of the new Chinese Federation, such as the separation of powers, human rights, the rule of law, freedom of belief, freedom of speech, and freedom of property, as well as major livelihood, needs such as education, pension, and medical care. It must be fundamental to the country. Also, Hong Kong, Macao, Tibet, and other regions should be allowed to self-government, while maintaining the status quo with Taiwan, expand trade steadily, and achieve common prosperity. Finally, there is the pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party’s ill-gotten property and the direct name of the Chinese Communist Party.


Of course, in the following 23-minute speech, Hao Haidong also mentioned many things, including the need to remove the network firewall so that the Chinese people can freely access the world to the world, rather than being subject to speech control and crab handling.

Although this is not directly related to football, it may be a major change in China’s political system, because Hao Haidong’s position in China is extremely high and can be said to be a people’s hero. Hao Haidong can be said to be the strongest and most accomplished striker in the history of Chinese football, He is best known as the finalist in the 2002 World Cup and as the main force

His wife Ye Zhaoying is also China’s first female badminton player who ranked No. 1 in the world in eight singles in 1995, 96, 97, and 98. She also appeared in the film with her husband Hao Haidong in the subsequent films and showed that Haidong has the same political stance, and says he is very happy to have the same idea as her husband

Although this matter is not yet likely to have an immediate impact on the CCP regime, in the long run, this is very likely to be a major critical moment of the era, precisely because Hao Haidong’s social status is very extraordinary, and he has mostly been in the past Criticizing the corruption of the Chinese Football Association, no one thought he would suddenly express his “anti-Communist” stance, and from the content of his conversation, he has always been dissatisfied with the Communist Party system. Hao Haidong has always felt that he loves China completely. , The person who loves football, and his origins in the People’s Liberation Army, gives the impression that he is a great Chinese, it is difficult to imagine that he will suddenly make such anti-government remarks

Hao Haidong even clarified an important point with his actions and remarks. The CCP is not equal to China. He loves China rather than the CCP regime. I think this is the most important point in his entire speech. The national awakening does not need to rely on the CCP’s dictatorship but can rely on the democratic system.

I think this declaration may affect the reflection and awakening of China’s 1.3 billion people in the future on the democratic system and the communist system, and in the long run, it may make a huge change in China. Therefore, I feel that all of us are already standing The cusp of an era when cross-strait relations are very important

I must let readers know Hao Haidong, and let our readers know how shocking moment Hao Haidong’s speech was on the evening of June 4th.

Hao Haidong, born on May 9, 1970, has been poor since his childhood and joined the People’s Liberation Army football team Bayi at the age of nine. Hao Haidong was malnourished when he was young, and his size was small, but he gradually grew taller. The slim figure has not changed much, and it was the same at the peak of the national team. After the Chinese football changed to the A-A, he joined the Dalian Wanda team after a series of twists and turns and was renamed Dalian Shide. This is also Hao Haidong’s career. Representative team

Hao Haidong first made his debut on the Bayi team and scored 19 goals in 48 games between 1994 and 1996. At that time, in 1995, in fact, the Uruguayan giants Penarol wanted to transfer $500,000 and 200,000. The purchase of Hao Haidong by the US dollar annual salary was not a high price in the world football at that time, but there were no foreign players in Chinese football at the time. The price Hao Haidong obtained was a high transfer fee in Chinese football at that time.

But at that time, Hao Haidong was in the Bayi Team, but he was the identity of the People’s Liberation Army. He could not travel abroad with military status. The Bayi Team is actually like a football team established by the army. Joining China A directly, it is a bit like our previous camel, Lu Guang, and Hao Haidong is equal to soldiers. At that time, the brutal practice of August 1 still made Hao Haidong very angry. They directly rejected the Penarol team and destroyed the invitation letter without knowing Hao Haidong. Hao Haidong himself did not know at all. He has been allowed to travel abroad. If it is a democratic country, it is possible to retire from the military and switch to the professional league. He has also said that overseas travel is to win glory for the country. Perhaps Hao Haidong is dissatisfied with the Chinese government’s wishes. Already generated

What kind of team is the Penarol team in Uruguay? You can refer to this page (Athletic Penarol). In the 1990s, he won six Uruguay First Division titles. At that time, I was interested in a Chinese striker. It was already very great. Hao Haidong was already the first shooter in China.

Later, in January 1997, Hao Haidong joined the Dalian Wanda team after many twists and turns. At that time, to let the Bayi team release, it did indeed cause a storm. As a professional team, it was not possible to transfer players. Because the players are soldiers, there is no relevance. It also highlights that the system problems of China’s A-A system were still not perfect. Finally, Dalian Wanda bought Hao Haidong for 2.2 million yuan (not written in the information, which should be referred to as RMB), and finally, Hao Haidong left the country. The Bayi team of the system has truly become a “professional player” in the sense

What kind of player is Hao Haidong? Simply put, in my eyes, he is like the Chinese version of Inzaghi. Hao Haidong is a pure scoring forward who directly goes to the penalty area after receiving the pass. Li shot, almost passed the ball and shot directly, occupying an absolute advantage in the one-on-one single shot against the goalkeeper, the shooting action and the goal in front of the goal are fast, because the skills of the Chinese national team and Dalian Wanda team are certainly not less than AC Milan and Italy The national team has fewer short-pass infiltration organizations in the middle, so Hao Haidong must often take long passes, especially from the two wings. At this point, it is still a bit different from Insaji, and in my opinion, his shot is compared to Insa Ji Yao is more aggressive, both of them are similar in height and shape, about 180 cm thin

With such an efficient scoring forward, Dalian Wanda naturally dominates A, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002. In these five years, the champions of China A were won by Dalian Wanda, and Wanda Group withdrew from football in 1999. It was taken over by the Shide enterprise, so the Dalian Wanda team was renamed Dalian Shide, and the above five A-A champions Hao Haidong all participated in it, which was regarded as the number one general of the Dalian Shide dynasty.

Hao Haidong has a strong personality, often speaks what he has to say, and speaks rushingly. Therefore, he went into conflict with people everywhere he went. He was particularly prone to injustice and injustice, so he had a problem with the fake ball in Chinese football at that time. , Unfair refereeing, corruption of the Football Association, etc., he was unkindly criticized during the player period, which made him offend the Chinese Football Association

The most famous of these was the incident of Hao Haidong’s “spitting”. At that time, the Chinese team participated in the Asian Games in December 1998. Hao Haidong was dissatisfied with the penalty of the referee. He spits at the referee on the ground and immediately He was sent off with a red card for impolite behavior. Hao Haidong’s explanation for this incident was that he was still far away from the sideline at the time, and he spits, but he spit on the ground to express his discomfort, not on the referee’s face or He pushed the referee and gave him too many red cards. Of course, how to punish this kind of behavior is the referee’s argument, but Huang Kehong can warn, but the problems caused later have affected Chinese professional football.

At that time, the AFC sentenced Hao Haidong to a one-year suspension and a fine of 2,000 US dollars. This was already a heavy penalty. After returning to the country, the Chinese Football Association even took Hao Haidong in the professional league on this ground. After a year of suspension, the Chinese Football Association argued that it was a misunderstanding, but in fact, which national team is suspended will be counted together with the professional team??? The national team is under the control of the AFC, the professional team is the domestic football association. The red and yellow cards of these two systems cannot and will not be combined, this is the rule of the world.

Hao Haidong was very angry about this, he thought it was because he had been criticizing the corruption of the Chinese Football Association, so the Football Association deliberately retaliated against him to kill the chickens and monkeys, and silence other players.

This is the reason why the above-mentioned Hao Haidong’s five Chinese A-A champions lacked 1999 because he was banned for the whole year, otherwise, from 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, Hao Haidong played in Dalian Shide During the period, it should be China’s A-A six-game hegemony (Dalian was also the A-A champion in 1996, but Hao Haidong has not joined, and it will be a seven-game hegemony that time)

The Dalian Shide team can be said to be the strongest team in the history of professional football in China. At that time, the teammates included the young Sun Jihai (99-02), Li Ming (94-05), and Zhang Enhua (94-03). It was a player who later entered the World Cup in China in 2002, and its offensive from the two wings to the central attack was quite strong in China’s A A. Even several foreign aids at that time were also super strong in the Chinese football field, and the score in the AFC Championship can be regarded as the biggest prove

Hao Haidong was 28 years old at the time of 98, his peak period. At that time, he was not only fast, he shot accurately and ruthlessly, but also had a wide range of movement. He was a forward who could move back and forth from the midfield to the big penalty area in an instant. Not only China A but also the side event in the Asian World Cup. In the face of the powerful Western Asian giants at that time, Hao Haidong scored against all teams in Western Asia regardless of home and away, and he couldn’t stop him.

And because the Chinese team is still not strong in general, Hao Haidong often takes the ball outside the big penalty area, which also allows him to practice the ability to take the ball on the 18-yard line and immediately shoot a high-speed low-level score. Hao Haidong’s scoring ability was trembling at the time, whether it was the West Asian team or Japan and South Korea because he could cut his opponent instantly after receiving the long pass. It can be said that the Chinese team can play outside the World Cup. How far to go is determined by Hao Haidong alone supporting the offensive banner

(Hao Haidong’s top ten goals in his career)

In the 98th World Cup qualifying match, the final battle at home in Saudi Arabia, the Chinese team first fell behind 0 to 1, then Hao Haidong first scored a tie and then created a 12 yard, but Fan Zhiyi did not score a penalty. Otherwise, it was the Chinese team who went to France in 1998 (you can think of any Asian striker who can score a goal and 12 yards in this final game or Saudi Arabia at home in this final game)

Then in 2002, Hao Haidong was 34 years old, but he still played as the team’s main game in the World Cup side event. Several key offenses were caused by Hao Haidong. When he originally played for Yang Chen in Frankfurt, Germany, he formed a double forward. However, after the start of the out-of-court match, it became clear that Yang Chen did not play well. It evolved into having to rely on Hao Haidong as a center to attract opponents. Qi Hong then scored with a midfielder. If Yang Chen could make the center fulcrum, Hao Haidong’s goal would be More

Eventually, China entered the 2002 World Cup, and Hao Haidong in 2002 was different from Japan’s Miura Chira in 1998. Miura Miura was eventually abandoned by Okada Takeshi coach, while Hao Haidong was reused by Milu and participated in the 2002 World Cup.

This is also the greatest moment in the history of Chinese football (probably no more). In the final World Cup, the Chinese team lost all three games. It is the same as the fate of Japan in 1998, and the same team as the Chinese team is the current champion Brazil and The third runner-up Turkey, and Costa Rica, not only lost a lot of goals but also barely got a pass on the front line when Chinese football still had a big gap with foreign countries. Hao Haidong’s only World Cup can only end in regret.

After that, Hao Haidong still played for the Dalian Shide team and the Chinese team until he retired in 2005. Finally, he symbolically transferred to the Premier League team Sheffield United for 1 pound, but he did not enter the battle, but only formally completed his dream abroad.

Hao Haidong played 97 goals in 178 games and averaged 0.54 goals per game. The national team scored 41 goals in 107 games and averaged 0.38 goals per game. This data is extremely important in the Chinese team and the forwards of Asian countries. A high number, although it is not the first striker in Asia (Holiday and others in Iran are even stronger), it is the first striker in Chinese football history.

Hao Haidong and British half retired “business genius” and another half

After Hao Haidong retired, he did not simply move to the position of coach. His cannon personality has not changed. He often criticized the Chinese football and football associations. He did not need to find a coach after retirement. Hao Haidong unexpectedly had a very high Business acumen is by no means cursing every day,

He has invested in 11 companies and is directly controlled by him. He has also become the chairman of Dalian Coastal Group (the company was bought by him), and his worth has already exceeded RMB 1 billion.

Hao Haidong is not only the richest Chinese football player but also the most successful business person in the history of Chinese football after retiring. This makes him known as “Hao Dong”.

I once saw a reporter visit Hao Haidong in an interview film and asked him that he was the chairman of the Coastal Group. The office always put a whole set of “Zeng Guofan family training”. The reporter asked him that he was only 9 years old when he joined the Bayi team. After growing up, my Chinese ability is limited. Can you understand it?

Hao Haidong answered him, of course, I couldn’t understand it at first, but I just read it again, then again, then again. As the number of times increased, I could gradually understand the meaning and mood of the classical Chinese in the book.

This is Hao Haidong, who looks crude and detailed, has a brave surface, and is actually business-savvy and flexible, but he has always maintained his envy and hatred, and he is proud of himself. He never wants to compromise with an injustice system, and he is not With a gust of curse, he likes to read. He constantly emphasized the importance of education in other interviews because he was too poor to study when he was a child. Now he enjoys reading very much

He also has a classic criticism of the Chinese Super League team. He now opens a football school to charge a large number of children to play football (a team has thousands of trainees), but in fact, the Chinese Super League team is full of foreign aid, local players are simply impossible to have the opportunity to play football as a job when these children are eliminated by the team, and even their studies are abandoned, what should they do in life? He criticized the Super League team’s behavior of opening a football school just to attract money to make money, so Chinese football will never be strong, but also ruin the children’s lives

Hao Haidong is not the No. 1 striker in Asia, but he has over one billion fortunes, but he has frequent sentences!

Hao Haidong has now lived in Spain for a long time. It can be said that he has been far away from the disturbances and disadvantages of Chinese football. He will still criticize Chinese football from time to time. In fact, after the 2002 World Cup, Chinese football has plummeted. The midstream team can’t win, and the Super League is still the richest league in Asia, which is extremely ironic

There have been some clues about the recent incident. Hao Haidong had previously supported the Chinese author Fang Fang’s controversy about the pneumonia epidemic, and he had a cursing battle with some Chinese netizens. It has been a long time

Unexpectedly, Hao Haidong suddenly announced the declaration of the founding of the new Chinese Federation as a spokesperson on the June 4th anniversary day. He stated in a newly opened Twitter: “Today, the biggest and most correct choice in our life is. I will read the new China Federal Declaration!! The glory of my life, thank my wife for supporting me”

Hao Haidong: This is the most correct choice in my life

Hao Haidong’s speech is a new milestone. He is a successful person. There is no need to drown the muddy water, but he still stands up to speak. This will cost him a great price. At present, Chinese officials have completely blocked all information of Hao Haidong. In all discussion areas, it is forbidden to discuss Hao Haidong. Even on Youtube, many videos are criticizing Hao Haidong and mocking his past remarks. Next, Hao Haidong’s past videos and materials may disappear completely. Perhaps his safety will be There is danger. Hao Haidong is now in exile in Spain and may never be able to return to China, but his identity has risen from a sports player to a national politician.

The author has been a fan of Hao Haidong since he was 18 years old. Although he knew his character as a cannon, he never thought he would speak to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party.

Hao Haidong, already 50 years old, still upright and strong, and still proud of himself.

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