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The changes Xavier Chen brought to Taiwan football


The author served as the promotion ambassador for the 2020 Bao Zhong Cup Football Tournament Xavier Chen Cross-sea, mentioning that from June 8th, 2010 to October 10th, 2017, he returned to Taiwan for his first appearance, applied for restoration of nationality, and represented Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football. Xavier Chen, who is participating in the competition, will serve as the cup promotion ambassador for the Dragon Boat Festival. Xavier Chen, a Chinese national born in Belgium and trained by the local football youth training system, returned to Taiwan to contribute to the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team and performed brilliantly. He continued to perform amazing reversal wins along the way. If Xavier Chen first appeared in the domestic media, the 10th anniversary will have passed on June 8, 2020. In the end, what changes have Taiwan football experienced in the past ten years due to the appearance of Xavier Chen?

From 2011 to 2020, Taiwan’s football development profile, compared with Xavier Chen’s joining the Chinese Adult Men’s Taiwan Football Team before 2010, the government’s annual budget for the Republic of China Football Association has gradually increased from NT$10 million to NT$200 million in recent years and changed The perspective of the government and the public on football. Such a quiet but tremendous change has many stories behind him. In other words, is the alternative “ten-year success” in Taiwan football-only possible because of his appearance? The following is the author’s long-term close participation and observation, telling the story of Xavier Chen, which is not well known …….


Testimony of Xavier Chen’s debut in domestic media

In the afternoon on June 8, 2010, in the heat of the scorching sun, Chen Jiaming invited the author to join Wu Xiangxin to the Taipei Track and Field Practice Ground. When I exchanged jerseys, shorts, and spikes with teacher Wu Xiangxin, I saw several media dispatched to set up cameras and then saw friends and Xavier Chen. Several photographers appointed Xavier Chen to perform shooting, passing, holding the ball, and breaking the ball. At the time, the author thought: Xavier Chen served as a defender in the Belgian First Division League giant Mechelen Football Club. The media to capture the scene, mostly for the midfield and attack, mainly attacking movements, it seems that Xavier Chen did not understand the wrong focus!

Later, when the media wanted to capture Xavier Chen’s dribbling breakthrough, it was always necessary for someone to act as a defensive player to shoot, so the author and Wu Xiangxin teacher appeared as defensive players (back temporary actors?). This is the first encounter between the author and Xavier Chen on the football field, but sees Xavier Chen get rid of the marking movement is smooth, the card moves are solid and there is no sense of appeal. Later, he saw Xavier Chen and his friends accepting interviews with reporters. His attractive appearance and gentleness and courtesy also melted the hearts of the female reporters present after the interview.

Although some actions were filmed in the afternoon, many media chose to broadcast footage of Xavier Chen’s action in the evening news report. At least between Xavier Chen’s response to advancing and retreating and raising his hand, the star’s charm attracted media attention and was able to occupy a certain amount of news. Even though there were a lot of local players before 2010, most of the domestic media occasionally reported in the sports version that the focus of attention on domestic football is quite limited. However, on the evening of June 8, 2010, Xavier Chen jumped to the mainstream media for the first time, destined that he would be the number one star in the media’s attention to my country’s football for the next seven and a half years.

Represented the Chinese men’s Taiwan football team in the first match at home in Taipei

The Taipei Athletics Stadium on the evening of July 3, 2011, is the key home game for the Chinese Asian men’s soccer team to qualify for the next round of the 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian qualifying match after a small defeat in Malaysia. Play. On the afternoon of the same day, the author and the friends of TOKKA met at the west entrance of the Taipei track and field. Whether it was a TOKKA special Xavier Chen star card wearing a white jersey No. 8 or was it confirmed in the ticket gate that the hand was marked with red? The “Cool Card” of the Lego figure design helped to lead the cardholder to the VIP seat on the southwest side, watching the people inside and outside the Taipei track and field are full of emotion and moved. Xavier Chen’s Taipei track and field stadium on the night of the first match, the admission of the audience is conservatively calculated as 15,335 people. Since then, if Xavier Chen played at home in Taiwan, tens of thousands of spectators will appear.

On July 3, 2011, the first time Xavier Chen played in Taipei’s track and field stadium, the audience was conservatively calculated as 15,335 people.

Later, along with Chen Jiaming, then media officer of the Chinese Football Association, the author escorted Xavier Chen’s grandfather, who was nearly 100 years old, into the Taipei Athletics Stadium’s internal passage, just because this night’s goal will be a gift from Xavier Chen to his grandfather. That night, China’s match against Malaysia’s adult men’s Taiwan football team was tight. In the first half, Malaysian adult men’s Taiwan football team scored first. Fortunately, the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team tied the goal twice. In the second half, the stalemate gradually followed Xavier Chen’s interception and assist in the right backcourt, so that the two teams’ stalemate quietly fell to the home team. In the 75th minute, because the Malaysian adult men’s football player fouled in the penalty area, the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team was given a good opportunity to kick a 12-yard penalty kick. At that time, Xavier Chen played nearly 100 games for the Royal Mecklon Football Club. Xavier Chen, who had never scored a goal, actually came forward. Fencing free throws was a neat goal, leading the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team to reverse the victory.

Xavier Chen represented the Chinese Adult Men’s Taiwan Football Team in the first match. Although he failed to lead the team to the next round of the tournament, he wrote Xavier Chen’s first goal in international competition. When the final whistle sounded, a crowd of people came out of the Taipei track and field stadium. Xavier Chen walked towards the auditorium on the southwest side. Throughout the game, Gu Shou led me to the entrance of Xavier Chen’s grandfather’s seat. I saw Xavier Chen walking towards his grandfather sitting in a wheelchair seat and watching the whole game. He dedicated this goal and victory to his grandfather living in Taiwan. Although Chen Jiaming, the media official of the Chinese Football Association, had arranged this trip before the game, he did not expect to give a gift to his grandfather. He even had Xavier Chen’s first goal in the international official game.……

Chinese Football Association players are poorly treated and provoke criticism

The Chinese Football Association will be the window for Taiwan to handle international official matches or international A-level friendly matches for the FIFA, AFC, and East Asian Football League, and will naturally have to bear the treatment of every team member of the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team. However, every representative of the Chinese men’s Taiwan football team before 2015 can only receive a daily living allowance of NT$200 during the training period of the National Training Center. The top level of the Chinese Football Association only pays winning prizes to team members participating in the field when they win in an international game. Players’ treatment has been unsatisfactory and unstable for many years. Refusing to play is often escorted by the specific reporters and their media who are escorted by the Chinese Football Association. For the absurd reason of not patriotism and “forbearance for the country”, they force players to accept such an abnormal situation. Treatment. Unexpectedly, after the re-election of the chairman and supervisor of the Chinese Football Association in late 2013, Lin Zhenyi (renamed Lin Yongcheng in 2016) took over as chairman, Xavier Chen also began to encounter such absurd things.

From November 2014, “Xavier Chen’s absence from the East Asian Cup Football Association: unable to talk to me” was due to the Chinese Football Association’s excuse memo time limit, refusing to give Xavier Chen an appearance fee. This move intends to dismiss Xavier Chen’s responsibility for absent from the East Asian Cup and to alleviate the criticism of domestic fans blaming the Chinese Football Association for sending an adult team to the East Asian Cup. However, the Chinese Football Association did not treat the players well. Before and after the international competition of the Chinese adult men’s football in Hanoi in March 2016, there was also a flight ticket owed to Xavier Chen, Zhu Enable, and even local foreign players. When the Chinese Football Association, which relied mainly on subsidies from domestic and foreign institutions, repeatedly tried to impose professional football players cultivated in Belgium based on the lack of local thinking in the football industry, it was wronged successively by Xavier Chen…….

Just a few days after the Vietnam International Tournament, the author immediately conducted multiple investigations and confirmations. It was only on April 7, 2016, “The Chinese Football Association’s Recent Problems”, that the Chinese Football Association accumulated a lot of money for tickets for foreign players. This matter was also privately reported to Xavier Chen’s friends in Taiwan, and Chen Jiaming made it difficult for the media to tell the media that there was a report that “Xavier Chen didn’t play the Taiwan team and the football association burst into tears.” The following day, I continued to publish the article “Chinese Football Association Subsidies for Men’s Football Tickets”, refuting the Chinese Football Association’s release of press releases, and the unreasonable and plausible reason. It was Xavier Chen who was owed the air ticket payment, which attracted the major media to pay attention to the Chinese Football Association, forcing the Chinese Football Association to improve the treatment of players.

The golden years that were squandered because of personnel failure

Before 2016, the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team’s ranking in the world’s men’s football team published annually and monthly by the International Football Association was about 154 to 191. The Chinese adult men’s football team in the Asian official international competition, a win is hard to find and no chance to advance to increase the number of games; but also rely on the FIFA, AFC, East Asian Football League and China’s government subsidies at all levels, resulting in the total revenue of the Chinese Football Association Limited, only handles several international A-level friendly matches such as the Dragon Cup.

Therefore, the vicious circle is so few that companies are willing to pay attention to. The financial scale of natural Chinese adult men’s football matches is limited. However, the Chinese Football Association preferred to save small amounts of money rather than treat the players well, and also shunned various reasons for refusing to pay or owe fees. As a result, after Xavier Chen first played on July 3, 2011, he did not play for the Chinese adult men’s football for 4 years. Even in March 2016, he was owed more than 100,000 air tickets for the promise to play, which deepened Xavier Chen’s difficulty in understanding the Chinese Football Association.

How many professional football players outside the world can withstand the Chinese Football Association’s squandering years? In 2013, Chen Chang originated from European football and transferred to China. The performance of the Chinese Super League was not bad, which made his reputation spread across the strait. Just as Xavier Chen was approaching the pinnacle of his career as a professional football player, and his activities were mainly in East Asian countries, the personnel of the Chinese Football Association changed at the end of 2013, resulting in the memorandum signed by the former chairman, which will become countless until the next chairman takes office.

In his golden years as a professional player, Xavier Chen wasted his rights and interests in negotiating with the Chinese Football Association. It is a pity that the hero does not die, but gradually fades! Therefore, the disturbance between Xavier Chen and the Chinese Football Association was slightly relieved until June 2015. On October 9 of the same year, he represented the Chinese adult men’s football team against the Macao adult men’s football team at the home international friendly match before they stood on the Taipei track and field stadium at the age of 31. This will enable the Chinese adult men’s football team to enter a good situation with more wins and fewer losses in both home and away matches.

Helpless Xavier Chen had been seriously injured on the football field, leading to his career as a professional football player, his foot bones were always associated with steel nails. Since the end of 2015 from Guizhou people and clubs in the Chinese Super Football League, the transfer back to the Belgian First Division Football League Royal Mecklenburg Football Club, a year and a half later in the summer of 2017 retired. Once players retire from professional football and no longer maintain high-intensity training and competition, their physical fitness will decline rapidly.

It is difficult to load international games that are also high-intensity and have many professional players. Xavier Chen independently trained his teeth to support the pain of the old injury, only in response to the Chinese Football Association’s overseas call, and then on October 10, 2017, at the Taipei Track and Field, for the home game against the Bahrain adult men’s football, worthy of the best performance of past professional players. Just when Xavier Chen chose to retire bravely and announced that he would be his retired game that day, in front of tens of thousands of spectators at home, he created a miracle of reversing the victory over Bahrain’s adult men’s football at the end of the half-time…….

Looking back ten years ago today, our people have only just begun to understand Xavier Chen, a hybrid of Taiwan and France, who grew up in Belgium. During his seven years with the Chinese adult men’s Taiwan football team, the Taiwan football team has created many miracles, but it also reflects the strange dark side of the Chinese Football Association.

Nonetheless, Taiwanese football in the 1920s was due to Xavier Chen, and Chinese adult men’s football performed well in international competitions. As long as there is his home game, every game is tens of thousands of spectators. Even in the international friendly match with Macau’s adult men’s football, more than 8,000 people entered the game. Xavier Chen’s rigorous and self-disciplined player style has written a legendary epic for Taiwan football. After October 10, 2017, Taiwan football is looking forward to the appearance of stars like Xavier Chen, who has the charm of the masses and turn around the world.

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