What is the impact of VAR on J1 Japan?


J1 Japan – “Sports have never been just sports, sports, and culture are often inextricably linked.”

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In 2020, the Japan Professional Football League followed the footsteps of world football, becoming another Asian professional football league with a VAR (Video assistant referee) system after China, South Korea, and Australia. For Japan, which requires fair competition and almost no fakes, As far as players are concerned, perhaps VAR is not as important as it is necessary. Moreover, the hardware and software equipment that VAR must add are quite expensive, and it is easy to discourage it if you want to set up at home for 18 teams.

VAR debuted for the first time in the 2018 World Cup in Russia two years ago. It was quite short and did not lead Asia for a long time, but the changes on the football field and the numerous “worthy” discussions People have the illusion that this technology has been around for a long time, among which there are many discussions in the Premier League, which has the indicators of the five major European leagues.


Although VAR has specified that only the following four conditions will assist the referee:

  • The suspected offside goal, or offensive player foul.
  • 12-yard ball decision.
  • Direct red card penalty.
  • The referee misidentified the player.

However, many extensional issues can be found in the Premier League, such as how long (time) can be judged before, or the offside issue that has been discussed more recently. If an offside situation must be seen for more than 5 minutes before a judgment can be made, Or does it depend on the degree of “drawing the line” to determine that the offside is really what this technology is pursuing? Obviously, there are still many ambiguities in implementation.

Of course, the advancement of science and technology is to solve things that human abilities cannot accomplish, and it also increases the possibility of fairness in the game, but whether it is possible to have “clear” rules for referees to make “consistent” judgments. The test of Xiang technology in implementation.

Back to the J League (J1 Japan), does Japan really need VAR? Maybe something happened for a reason, there are always some problems that are too big to let go, or the judgment that is enough to affect the outcome of the game or even the championship will often accelerate the speed of this type of technological progress. After all, the game is of course to win, professional Cruelty can not tolerate any mistakes, so VAR has become an irreversible process on the way to more professional football in Japan.


Last week, J1 (J1 Japan) played the first round of the 2020 season. From a few live games in Taiwan, it can be found that Japanese players do not use fake falls. Even if they fall, they will struggle to get up and continue to fight. So as long as they fall to the ground, it is usually true. It’s painful, but not necessarily compared to foreign players.

In addition, the lineman is still brave enough to raise the flag for offside, and will not indirectly hand over the judgment to VAR because the ball is still on the offensive side. Therefore, VAR is not used so often compared to European leagues and the Champions League. In the first round of the game, there are 33 rounds in the future that deserve our observation.

In addition to the impact of the deep cultural heritage of Japanese players (J1 Japan) and referees after joining VAR, it is worth paying attention to. In addition, the number of foreign generals has been lifted from the general policy that was fully open in the last season, and there can be up to five.

The foreign players will play at the same time, which will account for nearly half of the number of players on the court. The impact on players of different cultures and the attitude of facing VAR or using VAR has become another extension problem.

But at the same time, Japanese culture that is not good at adapting but good at complying with the SOP, can, therefore, develop a clear VAR instruction manual to define the timing and scope of use, it is also worth looking forward to.

The interaction between culture and technology, time still plays a very important role.

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