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EPL Fixtures: Liverpool vs Everton Preview & Predictions

EPL Fixtures 2019: Liverpool vs Everton

Liverpool vs Everton

English Premier League

Game Time: 2019-12-05 04:15 AM GMT +8



December 5th at 04:15 GMT+8, English Premier League / EPL Fixtures 2019-2020 started in the 15th round, Liverpool plays host to against Everton.


Fundamental Analysis:


1. Liverpool is the Premier League’s top teams. Liverpool has been ranked in the top four in the last three seasons. The team won the second place in the League last season, only one point behind the champion city. The team is strong enough to win the Champions League. The team’s performance last season is very strong.


2. Liverpool has achieved 13 wins and 1 draw in 14 rounds of the league this season. The team ranks the top of the league with 40 points. The team has scored 32 goals, which is very aggressive. The number of goals ranks third in the league. Only 12 goals have been lost, and the number of dropped goals ranks second in the league. The team has led Manchester City by 8 points in one round of fewer matches. The winning situation of this season is very good.

3. Liverpool has achieved 7-3 draw in nearly 10 competitions. Although the team’s Champions League performance is not strong enough, the team’s championship performance is very strong. The team’s Premier League has achieved 19-1 draw in nearly 20 matches. Although the overall ability of the ball is average, the team’s winning rate is still very high.



1. Everton is an old-fashioned Premier League team. In recent seasons, the team has ranked in the top 10 of the league, all of which are near the European war zone. Last season, the team’s performance was still stable and finally ranked eighth in the league.

2. Everton has 4 wins, 2 draws and 8 losses in 14 rounds of the league, ranking 17th in the league with 14 points. The team has only scored 14 goals. The team’s attack power is very common, 22 goals have been lost, and the team’s defense is not stable.

3. Everton has only won 4-1-5 in nearly 10 competitions. The team has not been in good condition in the near future. In the near 10 rounds, the league has only won 2 matches. At the same time, the team’s last round of premier league matches is one day later than Liverpool’s, and the team is at a disadvantage in terms of physical fitness.


Index Analysis

This time Liverpool are at home and Everton are away. Judging from the strength, fundamentals and history of the two sides, Liverpool is much stronger in terms of strength. In recent form, Liverpool is also very good, winning the match. According to the analysis of the data provided by Inplay-Tips, the first index gives the half-high prize of the main ball and the half-high prize of the back potential index. Liverpool’s Premier League is very strong this season, Everton is very depressed, at the same time, Liverpool’s physical strength is dominant, but the index only gives a goal and a half, the strength is not sufficient, it is optimistic that Everton will not demolish this game.


Prediction & Recommendation to Bet

Team To Win (HAD): Home

HHAD: Handicap (-1) Draw / Away

Total Goals: 2 Goals


The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.


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