Valencia vs Chelsea – UEFA Champions League 2019-2020

UEFA Champions League 2019-2020 Valencia vs Chelsea
UEFA Champions League 2019-2020: Valencia vs Chelsea
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The fifth round of Group H of the UEFA Champions League would be starting on early morning 01:55 GMT+8 at 28 November 2019, with Valencia at home against Chelsea.

Data Analysis

1. This game is the fifth round of the 2019/2020 UEFA Champions League. The home team Valencia is a La Liga team with a team value of 495 million euros. This season, La Liga scored 20 points in 14 rounds and ranked 10th. Valencia has experienced a serious decline in strength in recent years. The last time it broke into the Champions League knockout was in the 12/13 season. In the first four rounds of the UEFA Champions League this season, they scored 7 points with Ajax and Chelsea. They have great hopes of qualifying.


2. Valencia scored a total of 9 goals in each of the last 4 games, averaging 2.25 goals per game, and fired offensively.


3. The away team Chelsea have ranked 26th in the Premier League with 13 points after 13 rounds this season. Because the current Champions League group points and Valencia are the same, this game is very important for the two teams. In the recent 7 encounters between the two sides, Chelsea has achieved 3 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss. The historical rivals Chelsea have a slight advantage.

4. Chelsea has scored at least 3 goals in 6 of the last 12 European games. The team is full of firepower on offence. The only thing that needs to be worried about is defensive stability. Chelsea has lost 4 goals in a single game against Ajax.

Comprehensive Analysis of Valencia vs Chelsea

1. The initial away win bonus for this game is around 2.30. With the deepening of the market outlook, the away win bonus gradually comes to around 2.00. With reference to the strength of the host and the guest, the away win bonus starts at 2.00 and the visiting team has more support. Draw bonuses are generally above 3.60, and institutions are relatively optimistic that the two sides will win. The number of goals scored was 2.75, and the market outlook was adjusted to meet the characteristics of both sides being good at offence. It is recommended to pay attention to the result of the big ball in this game.

2. According to the data analysis provided by Jiebao Scores Network, the Asian index generally starts with a low draw for the away team. Although the initial participation is slightly shallow, it is clear that the agency is not optimistic about the so-called home-field advantage of Valencia. At present, the index has gradually come to make the hemisphere high. Awards, the organization’s support for the visiting team has increased. At the moment, the situation of Group H’s qualifying is not clear. The home team Valencia failed to win the favour of the organization when they mastered the initiative of the qualifying, which is more unfavourable to them. Chelsea may be able to gain in the away game.

Scored Prediction: 1:1 0:0

Goals Prediction: 0/2 goals

Team to Win: Draw


The above personal opinions, the above-mentioned data are for reference only.

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